Stefan Randelshofer

Audio Director | Manager | Lecturer

Piranha Bytes

My Role: Audio Director | 2012 - current

As Audio Director for the award winning gamestudio Piranha Bytes, it is my responsibility to define the musical style and the overall tone of soundeffects and speech for the game.

In order to design interactive soundscapes within the game engine, it is crucial to choose appropriate audio-technology and possibilites of implementing the audio assets so they get played back in an adaptive way during gameplay.

Finally, a major part of my business is the budget planning and cooperation, as well as intense communication with outsourcing partners and composers.

Masterthesis - Scrum for Games

My Role: Autor | 2012

Master of Arts in Arts and Design, MA

Since the industrialization, our society and its ways of working have gradually changed. Almost a third of nowadays' modern jobs are performed by knowledge workers, who slowly replaced the former majority of craftsmen. This situation lead to a paradigm shift of the employment market. Such changes affected people in many fields of expertise and now the leadership and management have to face this novel trend as well. Comped to former working methods, the management is no longer able to instruct the employees in the same way as before, as they now are experts and their professional expertises exceed those of their superiors.

The modern management resembles the model of a servant leadership, more than a directing authority. One of the main tasks of such a management is to support the knowledge workers and to ensure an impediment-free working environment for successful productivity of experts. In order to succeed, there is a need for new approaches and frameworks within the management.

Especially in video game production, which is a good example for such new working constellations, Scrum offers many opportunities as an agile management method. Based on software engineering workflows, it is a suitable tool for modern managers, as it suggest several ways on how to deal with the recent development of the management level. Scrum also enables knowledge workers to increase their participation within the team and to enhance personal commitment. That way, each member of the team takes full responsibility of his/her actions and it is up to everybody to increase the productivity by making use of their expertise. In Scrum, the team and its skills are the center of video game development.

This present thesis deals with the issues of Scrum and the positioning of the team within this management method. It also describes advantages resulting from such approaches and their contribution to the overall productivity.

Download: randelshofer_stefan_masterthesis_2012_scrum_for_games.pdf

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - Studycourse MMA

My Role: Lecturer and Scientific Associate | 2009 - 2012

At the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences I worked full time as a scientific associate. Even right now, I'm still coming over regularly as a guest lecturer to give courses in the fields of Audio and Scrum for Games.

These were some of my responsibilities for the Studycourse MMA - MultiMediaArt:

• Up to 5 SWS (equals 70 hrs/semester) of lecturing and teaching projectmanagement, scrum for games, audio studio technique, recording technique, mixing and editing sound and music, foley art and audio software such as: FMOD, Cubase, Pro Tools, Wavelab and SoundForge.

• International Coordinator MMA - responsible for all communication with foreign universities and partners; Managing all the incoming and outgoing students of MMA.

• Mentoring of students' Bachelor theses.

• Technical- and Budget Advisor for the Sound Studio, Audio Laboratories and the WebRadio.

• Budget Coordinator for the Audio-Department.

• Development and Supervising of JaMMA - the MMA Jam Session for Students - an open Audio Studio for all students playing instruments and practicing recording techniques.

• Supervision of the Game Laboratories.

• Development of "Soundscapes for Games" - a course specialized on understanding, developing and implementing audio and music into games.

• Development of the AudioBook workshop for "Audio Design" - a tutored writing, performing, recording and mixing of AudioBooks for student teams, making them familiar with the mainparts of Audio Design: SFX, music and speech.

• Supervisor of the Master Application Process.

• Coordinator and contact person for laboratory assistants.

EA Phenomic - Battleforge

My Role: Sound Designer | 2008

Gamestar Audio Rating: 10/10

Gamona Sound Award

Gameswelt Audio Award

Nomination for Best Music & Ingame Sound | Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2009

In my time at EA Phenomic I worked as a Sound Designer and Sound Implementer for the RTS-Game Battleforge. I worked in the fields of Sound Design, Foley Art and Implementation and also generated all the QA-Audio-Testcases.

Download: PC_Games_Battleforge.pdf

ScrumMaster | Certification @Boris Gloger

My Role: Workshop Participant | 2009

I passed my ScrumMaster certification at the Boris Gloger Srcum workshop in Vienna. After my time as a management trainee at EA Phenomic this was a superb thing to do. Besides great insights and a better understanding about agile management methods, it also offered me inspiration and the basic knowledge for my masterthesis "Scrum for Games".

Don't Drop!

My Role: Manager and ScrumMaster | 2010 - 2011

Update: Don´t Drop! was featured as best practice example, by the famous Scientist and Publisher Matthias Horx in his Trend Study 2012.

When several big Austrian companies - Alpine Bau GmbH, DOKA, Palfinger, Skylotec - contacted the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, I took charge of the upcoming game project. It was a pretty challenging and interesting concept, as the customers' main goal was to create a smartphone game that emphasized the importance of security on a construction site, while also presenting the real-life equipment and its distinguished features.

After recruiting the suitable team, we also got Josef Schinwald, MSc, Head of the Animation department and instructor for Game Design, involved to help with the complex design of the game. The conceptual design stage took roughly six weeks and included numerous brainstorming activities.

Following an intense development phase that lasted about four months, the basic concept was presented to the customers. Approval followed and then two artists, one sound designer and three programmers took it from there, while I was acting as their Scrum Master, but was also responsible for general management tasks as well as communication with the customers.The game was developed for both platforms, iOS and Android.

After nine months of intense development work, the game was presented at the construction site of the Salzburg exhibition hall, being built by Alpine Bau GmbH. The event was concluded by a press release and a conference attended by all of the game project's customers and sponsors.

4dimensions - Scrum Workshop

My Role: Scrum Supervisor | 2011 - 2012

Sometimes web development departments get stuck. They need help to organise themselves in a new level.

This is what Mag.a Jeanny Gucher and I did for the "fhsys"-Department of the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. We found solutions for existing problems and helped the team to establish a functional scrum system within their department.


My Role: Audio Director | 2009 - 2010

Winner of the Content Award - Vienna Holding 2010

CUBCUB is a turnbased strategy game for PC. Its light and entertaining concept is perfect for any kind of gamer and the rules are understandable and easy to learn for anyone. Two players take place of Mandrill and Baboon, two opponent apes, both with the same goal: to reach the seductive Aphrodite that dances in the centre of an old, forsaken Maya-like labyrinth. In order to overcome the obstacles, the players are in use of a range of different action/movement-stones to control their apes indirectly. As all the stones are uncovered, it's all about the strategy - to build up your own, or to interfere with your opponent's one. CUBCUB provides entertainment for various occasions - may it be a short lunch-break or an extended gaming-session.

The artistic concept behind the idea of CUBCUB is based on optimal overview and simplicity, mixed with a tender focus on details. As the course-levels are build randomly, it's essential for the player to develop different strategies on how to use the action/movement-stones in the most efficient way in order to reach the goal first. Inspired by the principles of classical boardgames, CUBCUB takes this succesfull genre even further in an amusing and pleasant way.

Magisterthesis - Interactive Soundscapes for Games

My Role: Autor | 2009

Magister (FH) in Arts and Design, Mag. (FH)

The videogame industry has increasingly expanded in the last decades. Video games are getting more and more complex in their content and their technical brilliance. The development of videogames started in the nineteen-seventies and for those first games, plain graphics solely made of black and white pixels was enough. The soundscapes of these games consisted of a collection of simple peep-sounds. Since these days the dimension and the complexity of videogames has increased drastically – especially the videogame-soundscape.

The soundscape is the total amount of all sounds of the game, played back by the players speaker, including sound design, music and speech. Interactivity is the crucial element in creating a soundscape for videogames. That is the reason why approaches on creating a soundscape for games differ in a lot of points to the way soundscapes for movies are being created.

A lot of the soundpatterns used to create movie soundscapes are also used by the videogame sound designers. These soundpatterns are an essential part for creating a videogame soundscape, because of the gamers' habitual familiarity with it – created through the intuitive knowledge of movie soundscapes. The interactivity, however, forces the videogame sound designer to work out different ways of creating a soundscape.

For the sound designer it is important to realize the fact that creating a videogame soundscape is a synergetic work between him/her and the gamer. The player will finish the work of the sound designer, as every decision s/he makes by playing, will have an effect on the soundscape. So the soundscape of a videogame is a result of clusters put together by an audioengine as the player makes his/her way through the videogame.

Because of this fact, the sound designer needs to provide a pool of sounds and some rules and standards for the playback of these sounds. These sounds and rules have to be integrated in the audioengine, which is the most important tool for working with interactive audio. All parts of the soundscape – sound design, music and speech – have to be integrated in adaptive soundsystems. The resulting soundscape will be interactive, adaptive and immersive. The function of this soundscape is to promote a strong connection between the player and the virtual reality.

The sound designer will be faced with a lot of challenges in order to achieve this goal. The main issue of this thesis is to point out the most crucial challenges and remedies in creating a soundscape for videogames. Furthermore the terms "sound", "sound design", "soundscape" and "interactivity" will be discussed and investigated in detail.

Download: randelshofer_stefan_interaktive_soundscapes_in_videospielen_diplomarbeit_2009_mma2004_fh-salzburg.pdf

ScrumMaster Pro - TeamDevelopment | Certification @Boris Gloger

My Role: Workshop Participant | 2012

I participated in a workshop for specialized scrum methods at a workshop held by Boris Gloger in Berlin. The major focus was on teams and how to help them to progress in their cooperation and effectiveness.

This Teamdevelopment Course is part of the ScrumMaster Pro Certification by Boris Gloger.

Newspaper Article

My Role: Interview about interactive Soundscapes in Games

The Newspaper "Salzburger Nachrichten" was interested in my profession as a game audio artist. So I did an interview about "Interactive Soundscapes for Games" and showed them some foley tricks in the audio studio.

Dundalk Institute of Technology

My Role: Lecturer - Interactive Soundscapes for Games | 2011

The Music Department of the School of Informatics and Creative Arts at the Dundalk Institute of Technology gave me the opportunity to give their Mastersclass a speech and a workshop about "Interactive Soundscapes for Games".

Big Point - Poisonville

My Role: Sound Designer | 2010

Bastian Seelbach was working on the soundscape of Poisonville for BigPoint and asked me to join him. I designed and created a broad variety of soundeffects for this project.

Donau-University Krems

My Role: Lecturer - Interactive Media Management | 2011

At the Donau-University Krems I gave lectures about "Project Management" at the Masterclass Interactive Media Management.


My Role: Scrum Supervisor | 2011 -2012

I was asked to act as Scrum Supervisor and to help the Student Game Projects "The Balloon Quest" and "Of Shadow and Light" to develop a smooth scrum-surrounding for their almost 1,5 years development process.

Both Games are really well designed Side-Scroller/Jump 'n' Run Games. For further informations about these two games you can visit their homepages: The Balloon Quest and Of Shadow and Light.


My Role: Recording Artist | 2006 - 2008

I worked as a recording engineer at the conservatory Mozarteum in Salzburg. For over almost 3 years, I supported their Audio Department in recording live classic concerts and performances.


My Role: Song Writer and Recording Artist | 1991 - current

"Glas" is the place were I can write, perform and mix my music without being attached to a rigid band-structure. I collaborate with different musicians and artists.


My Role: Song Writer | 2002 - current

With my Band "Timea" I enjoy writing music and performing it live on stage.